Evening Desert Safari

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Evening Desert Safari

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the thrill and magic of an Evening Desert Safari. This adventure-packed tour promises cherished memories that you’ll share with family and friends back home. From exhilarating dune bashing to serene camel treks, and from vibrant cultural performances to a delectable barbecue dinner, Evening Desert Safari in Dubai offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Arabian Desert.

Activities During Evening Desert Safari:

  • Pick up with a 4×4 vehicle Drive from any point in Dubai (timings are subject to change depending on sunset time).
  • Drive the Al Awir Road through the desert –
  • Dune Bashing 20 to 30 minutes Driving on Dune
  • Photography of the Sun Set
  • Camel Riding
  • Belly Dancing (not permitted during Ramadan)
  • Tanura’s act and the fire show
  • Fresh Dates with Arabic Coffee 
  • Buffet dinner and barbecue 
  • Sand skiing
  • Quad Bike

Embarking on the Adventure:

The adventure begins in the afternoon with a 4×4 wheel drive picking you up from your location in Dubai between 3.00 PM to 3.30 PM .As you traverse along Al Awir Road, hold on tight as the exciting dune bashing commences, providing an adrenaline-pumping ride through the desert.

Witnessing the Breathtaking Sunset:

A highlight of the evening safari is capturing the mesmerizing sunset. The safari pauses to witness the sun dipping below the horizon, creating a spectacular backdrop against the golden dunes. It’s an ideal time to snap unforgettable photographs that will serve as souvenirs of this magical experience.

Unraveling Cultural Delights:

Upon reaching the campsite, the cultural extravaganza begins. Revel in the opportunity to indulge in camel rides, sandboarding, and henna designs adorning your hands or feet. The evening entertainment features lively belly dancing, a fire show, and the mesmerizing Tanura show performed under starlit skies, captivating guests around the campfire.

Savoring a Scrumptious Barbecue Dinner

After working up an appetite, enjoy a sumptuous barbecue dinner that tantalizes taste buds with a delectable spread of dishes, including vegetarian options. Try the famous Arabic water pipe, Shisha, while sipping on Arabic coffee accompanied by fresh dates, a traditional touch that enhances the cultural experience.

Safety First

The safari takes safety seriously, with professional and licensed drivers who are trained in first aid. The 4×4 Land Cruisers used for the safari are equipped with roll cages to protect occupants in rare instances of accidents. Each passenger is secured with seat belts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Additionally, the cars and passengers are covered under insurance, providing peace of mind.

Must-Do Activities

Capture the breathtaking views with a camera during the safari as the landscapes are truly awe-inspiring. Dress comfortably and leave expensive jewelry and cell phones behind, as the campsite may not have signal coverage. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Arabic coffee and sway to the enchanting rhythms of the belly dancer in the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai.

Quad Bikes and Dune Buggies

Thrill-seekers can opt for quad bikes or dune buggies. Quad bikes are available in two sizes, suitable for both adults and children. They are driven in a designated area outside the camp for safety reasons. Dune buggies, on the other hand, can accommodate two people and offer an adventurous ride led by an instructor into the desert.

Final Thoughts!

An Evening Desert Safari in Dubai promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure filled with excitement, cultural delights, and breathtaking moments. From dune bashing and camel rides to sand skiing and vibrant performances, the safari offers an unforgettable experience for travelers of all ages. So, seize the opportunity to delve into the heart of the Arabian Desert and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure you choose My Desert Safari Dubai for the amazing adventure.

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